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गुरुर ब्रह्मा, गुरुर विष्णुर, गुरुर देवो महेशवरः। गुरुः साक्षात परब्रह्मः, तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः॥

This Vedic mantra has real existence, Swami Vishwanmanand  Ji’s  Gurudev Swami  Shri  Gangdev Ji Maharaj was and is still a constant source of inspiration. Gurudev Ji, not only guided Swamiji the righteous , virtuous path but also taught him the value of education in domestic as well as daily lives.Gurudev believed that “Education is a bright shining lamp which lights up the darkness of  one’s soul. It brightens the mind and directs the spirit to walk on the right path." These golden words of Gurudev Maharaj inspired Swamiji.  It was a long process of 12 years under Gurudev Ji’s  guidance when Swamiji had learnt Vedas , read vivid religious paths and versed himself in Sanskrit , and after this long process of attainment of truth, Swamiji answered himself a question he had put before Gurudev amongst all the present religious paths, ‘which is the best and the most correct one’ and  the answer laid in the fact that only education can motivate your spirit to decide all that is right. Swami ji also noticed how well Gurudev Ji  motivated people to read and write. Whether an 80 years old man or a 50 years old woman, Gurudev was always ready to teach them “Education of illiteracy” was his ultimate goal.

The College was established by Swami Vishwatamnand Sadbhawana Charitable Trust, Bombay in the year 2001 under the Chairmanship of His Holiness Swami Vishwatamnand Saraswati in 2000 with the aim and objective to revive our old cultural heritage on the one side and to provide modern education along with moral values to the students fraternity on the other side so that students of rural area develop the total personality to meet the challenges of the competitive world.Our College have sole aim to help inculcated and experienced faculty members who have to sole aim to help inculcated the values and scientific temper among students through modern education. The College is situated in an ecofriendly environment in the top of picture Kalidhar hills of Sunderbani."The College also grants the fee concession to the poor but meritorious students".


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