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The Examination shall consist of two parts as under :

Part - I : Theory Papers                                          700 Marks

Part - II : Practice of Teaching                                300 Marks


Part - I : Theory Papers

Paper Title of the Theory Paper



Paper- I Education in Emerging Indian Society 100 3 hrs
Paper- II Psychology of Teaching Learning Process 100 3 hrs
Paper- III School Management and Pedagogies of Education 100 3 hrs
Paper- IV Development of Educational System in India 100 3 hrs
Paper- V

Any one of the following subjects:                                                                                 a) Comparative Education                                                                                            b) Computer Education                                                                                                   c) Guidance and counseling                                                                                          d) Educational Measurement and Evaluation                                                                    e) Environmental Education                                                                                           f)  Issues in Education and National Development

100 3 hrs
Paper- VI & VII

Methodology of Teaching any two school subjects from the following groups:                          Group- I  Teaching of English/Hindi/Punjabi                                                                        Group- II Teaching of Social Studies (History/Civics/Economics/Geography)                           Group- IIITeaching of General Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)                               Group- IV Teaching of Mathematics

100 3 hrs

Part - II : Practice of Teaching

The practice of teaching shall be through micro and macro lessons. The practice of teaching shall be of 300 marks out of which 150 marks shall be reserved for internal assessment. The distribution of marks shall be as:



15 Micro-lessons 30
20 Supervised Macro-lessons 50
2 Criticism Lessons   10
Observation of 20 lessons 10
Preparation of Teaching aids 10
Internship 30
Co-curricular Activities 10
Final Practice of Teaching 150

Two external examiners shall be appointed for the conduct of final practice of teaching examination for observing two lessons of each student in the two opted teaching subject in actual classroom situation. The internal examiner shall arrange the setting of the examination and coordinate with the external examiners for the smooth conduct and evaluation of the final practice of teaching examination.


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